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The agent

  • 01.

    Price policy

    Pricing reference:Making the appropriate price system according to our product itself in the market,main competitor's price.

    Price adjustment:It goes with the cost and market situation to ensure the competitiveness of the product. At an appropriate time, to get market opportunities through it, agent parties will be informed if there is a price adjustment.

  • 02.

    Channel Policy

    Proxy mechanism:It will be set up by Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science&Technology Co.,Ltd. ,which will take the mutual value ,the local markets of all agents and the cooperative partners into consideration,and then let us be responsible for our own resources matched the business.

    Agent assessment:
    (1)The value and operation of ideas of WST brand are recognized, and are willing to grow with WST, and can help WST do marketing work, the established stores or the counters of WST brand are 30 at least in the local market;
    (2)WST products can become one of the core of the company ,and operated by the professional;
    (3)Having a good capability of marketing judgement,mature planning and execution;
    (4)Good market credit and financial foundation;
    (5)To meet all sales target required by WST.

  • 03.

    Repair Policy and the timeliness of repair

    Power bank: Global service, one year warranty
    About the timeliness of repair, excluding transit time, after receiving repair products, we will return it within 5 working days by freight.
    Also repair product freight,Our agent and us will pay unilateral charge, business personnel prohibited to sign for repair parts, all repair products are unified by the after-sale service personnel to accept and handle, our company is not responsible for any dispute if the agent shall return product to business personnel.

  • 04.

    About return and exchange

    Only our product had batch quality problem, we offer the corresponding return policy, can it be returned, also, for the new product launch time can be returned in a certain period of time, specific corresponding to the relevant rules. Other situations no refund, no exchange.

  • 05.

    Marking policy

    (1)Unity: packaging design, product promotion, theunity of corporate image publicity , strengthen consumer's perception of the WST brand.
    (2)The theme of the advertising: product positioning highly consistent, Key point: professional, cost-effective.
    (3)Marketing:Shenzhen wanshuntong science & technology company regularly provide free color pages, posters, exhibition shelves, mold and other materials. Regular system of media measurement, press releases, etc., specific as follows:
    ◆ Mandatory products advertising from network medias
    ◆ Newspapers print advertising and promotional activities
    ◆ GOOGLE and baidu such search advertising
    ◆ Other medias promotion products from time to time
    ◆ Other holiday large sales promotion from agency area
    (4)Regional market marketing support:
    Shenzhen wanshuntong Science & technology co., LTD will give regional market promotion support, regional agents can gives written application of promotion according to their own market, after the relevant person of WST company approval and sign back, can you perform the application program. Agents apply for reimbursement with the promotional activities of the invoice (receipt) and activity photos , the cost reimbursement charge against delivery of payment.


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